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AI computing module SNM950

AI computing module SNM950

AI computing module SNM950

MeiG SNM950 series module is developed on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series QCS8250 solution, which integrates Qualcomm 8-core Kryo™ 585 CPU (1*Kyro Gold Prime core at 2.85GHz + 3*Kyro Gold core at 2.4GHz+4 Kyro Silver core at 1.8GHz) with 7nm process. With Qualcomm Adreno™ DPU 995, it supports 4K display resolutions. Qualcomm Adreno™ VPU 665 supports 4K@120fps video encode/4K@240fps video decode, H.264/H.265. Qualcomm Adreno™ GPU 650, supports OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan1.1 and OpenCL 2.0. Integrated with Qualcomm neural network processing unit NPU230, AI computations can reach 15 Tops. 

SNM950 series module runs Android 10 operating system and the default onboard storage is 256GB UFS + 12GB LPDDR5. It supports WIFI 6 and BT5.1.

SNM950 series module integrates rich functional interfaces, including LCM, Display Port display interface, touch screen, camera*, PCIe interface, USB interface, I2C interface, UART interface, SPI interface, etc. Products can be widely used in video conference systems, VR Cameras, intelligent robots, video surveillance, security surveillance, intelligent information gathering equipment, live streaming terminals and other products.

Main Advantages:

● Qualcomm 8-core KryoTM 585 processor with max corefrequency of 2.85 GHz

● 15 Tops AI computations

● Support dual screen display

● 2 groups of ISP,2 groups of 4-lane CSI interfaces*

● 2 groups of USB 3.1,one of which support DisplayPort

● Support 4K@120fps video encode or 4K@240fps decode

● Support 2 PCIe interfaces

Basic Attributes:
Product number:

Smart module with high computing power SNM950



OS:Android 10.0

256GB UFS + 12GB LPDDR5 (default)

128GB UFS + 12GB LPDDR5 (optional)

128GB UFS + 8GB LPDDR5 (optional)

Working temperature:-25°C ~ +75°C
Storage temperature:-40°C ~ +90°C

45.0 x 40.0 x 2.7mm

operating voltage:

3.5V~4.35V(typical value:3.8V)

Outstanding Features

WIFI 6 (2x2 MU MIMO, 802.11 ax)

2 x 4K screen display
2 USB 3.1
6 x camera interfaces
4K/8K video en/decode capability
Antenna interface:
2 x Wi-Fi&BT antenna
Other interfaces:
PCIe interface:Group 2
I2C interface:Group 5
UART interface:Group 5(2 support hardware flow control, the highest rate up to 4Mbps)
SD Card interface:Group 1(support SD 3.0, 4-bit SDIO,dual-voltage)
SPI interface:Group 3
ADC interface:Group 2
PWM interface:Group 2
GPIO interface:>=Group 30
PWRKEY:1.8V,Internal pull-up
USB interface
2 x USB 3.1
Support USB OTG, one USB support DisplayPort v1.4
audio interface
Digital interface:

3 x IIS/TDM/PCM interface

Support Audio over USB Type-C

Touch screen interface
I2C interface capacitive touch screen
Camera Port*
6 x 4-lane MIPI-CSI*
Qualcomm Spectra™ 480 ISP;25 + 25 or 64MP@30fps
Interface information
Display Port

2 x 4-lane MIPI-DSI

DSI0 or DSI1: 1920 x 1200@60Hz

DSI0+DSI1: 5040 x 2160@60Hz

1 x DisplayPort v1.4 over USB Type-C

2 x 4k@60Hz or FHD@120Hz

Multimedia information
Video codec
Decode:4K@240fps or 8K@60fps H.264/H.265/VP9/VP8/MPEG-2
Encode:4K@120fps or 8K@30fps H.264/H.265/VP8
Concurrency:4K60 Decode + 4K30 Encode
SNM950 Series frequency band information
whole world:

802.11ax,2×2 MIMO

Remarks: * Under development.

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    MeiG Smart's High computility AI Module SNM950 Specification V1.0

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