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Software Engineer-Linux System Engineer

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an

Male / 24-30 / Bachelor degree or above / 10 people

Release Time: 2019.12.31
  • Job Responsibilities
  • ① Responsible for cutting, customizing, debugging and other related modules of linux system;
  • ② Responsible for Linux system transplantation and performance optimization on ARM platforms such as Qualcomm and HiSilicon;
  • ③ More responsible for building Linux system development environment, compiling and transplanting commonly used open source architecture;
  • ④ Responsible for the customization and cutting of Linux file system;
  • ⑤ Responsible for the design of software design and related technical documents;
  • Qualifications
  • ① More than 3 years working experience in Linux system development, bachelor degree or above;
  • ② Proficient in C, C ++ programming under Linux operating system environment, master JAVA, python and other programming languages, long-term engaged in front-line coding;
  • ③ Familiar with ARM core architecture, Qualcomm, HiSilicon, MTK, Zhanrui and other platform experience is preferred;
  • ④ Has a strong practical ability, can independently carry out software design and debugging according to needs;
  • ⑤ Have a good teamwork spirit and a certain ability to resist pressure, have the courage to innovate and risk management ability;
  • ⑥ Priority is given to wearing products such as wearables, mobile phones, and Internet of Things. Priority is given to CPE, router, and security camera experience.

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