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RF Engineer

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an
Release Time: 2020.01.10
  • Job Responsibilities
  • ① Participate in the evaluation of the early stacking solutions of LTE communication products and the design and device selection of the RF part;
  • ② Responsible for 4G, 3G, 2G, BT, WiFi, GPS and other RF debugging, improve product RF performance;
  • ③ Track the debugging situation of the whole antenna to verify the performance of the antenna.
  • Job requirements
  • ① Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic communication, CET-4 or above, good literacy;
  • ② More than five years of hardware RF development experience in the microelectronics industry, you can independently design and debug RF performance;
  • ③ Understand the operation of network analyzer, CMU200, Agilent 8960, MT8820C, CMW500, IQ2010, spectrum analyzer and other test instruments;
  • ④ Ability to use Allegro, ads and other software proficiently;
  • ⑤ Those with FCC / CE and other standard certification testing experience are preferred;
  • ⑥ Strong learning ability, rigorous work style, can withstand certain work pressure;
  • ⑦ Good language skills and teamwork spirit.

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