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Software Engineer-Modem Development

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an

Male / 24-30 / Bachelor degree or above / 1 person

Release Time: 2019.12.31
  • Job Responsibilities
  • ① Responsible for key technology research of wireless communication protocol; provide protocol software solution design solution, problem and performance analysis;
  • ② Responsible for the development and debugging of modem software, as well as the evaluation and scheme design of some protocol directions;
  • ③ Responsible for modem development and debugging, dealing with related issues such as web search, data service, and SMS;
  • ④ Responsible for analyzing and handling CDMA / WCDMA / LTE related protocol issues;
  • ⑤ According to the product's characteristic requirements, complete the demand analysis, characteristic decomposition, and plan design, and key code implementation;
  • ⑥ Can quickly locate and provide solutions to communication protocol problems reported by customers or front-line.
  • job requirements
  • ① Computer, electronics, communications, automation and other related majors, full-time undergraduate degree or above;
  • ② More than 2 years of experience in software development related to 3GPP protocol (including but not limited to mobile phone, Internet card, mobile wifi, Bluetooth, etc.), familiar with business logic such as Internet dialing / SIM card / voice / SMS or 3GPP protocol;
  • ③ Proficient in C / C ++, familiar with Linux and static inspection tools, engaged in front-line coding for a long time;
  • ④ Experience with Qualcomm platform Modem development is preferred.

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