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Driver engineer

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an
Release Time: 2020.01.11
  • Job Responsibilities
  • ① Responsible for the development of various peripheral driver programs on the Kernel layer of the mobile phone Android platform, such as: display, TP, USB, T card, charging, etc .;
  • ② Responsible for the development and debugging of Android platform Hardware related middleware / Framework;
  • ③ Responsible for the linux kernel module and driver module development plan design, software and hardware interface carding, test plan designation, etc .;
  • ④ Assist software application development engineers to locate and solve linux driver and kernel problems;
  • ⑤ Responsible for Android boot debug or Linux and Android compilation development environment configuration and maintenance.
  • Job requirements
  • ① More than 5 years of work experience, bachelor degree or above;
  • ② Familiar with Linux system architecture and the underlying library;
  • ③ Proficient in the development of Android or Linux underlying device drivers, such as Downloader, Startup process, FLASH, or ordinary character device drivers, etc .;
  • ④ Familiar with the schematic diagram, and can use the oscilloscope to debug, etc .;
  • ⑤ Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination skills, good learning ability and problem solving ability;
  • ⑥People with experience in Qualcomm platform are preferred.

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