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Camera Tuning Engineer

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an
Release Time: 2020.01.11
  • Job Responsibilities
  • ① Responsible for optimizing the effects of Camera modules to meet customer needs, and follow-up tracking and maintenance;
  • ② Communicate and resolve Tuning-related issues raised by customers and customers;
  • ③ According to the overall progress of the project, specify the Tuning plan and progress of the Camera module.
  • Job requirements
  • ① Five years or more of Camera Tuning related experience, proficient in Tuning process, and a deep understanding of Camera Tuning;
  • ② Familiar with Qualcomm platform 3A algorithm and ISP image processing flow;
  • ③ Skilled use of Qualcomm effect debugging tools, and image testing tools, etc .;
  • ④ Have certain optical knowledge and be familiar with the overall working principle of Camera module. And skilled use of optical related instruments, such as: standard light source box, illuminance meter, etc .;
  • ⑤ Have a strong sense of responsibility, work carefully and patiently, be able to endure hardships and endure hard work, and have good teamwork and communication skills.

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