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MWC 2024丨Smart Health Equipped With Qualcomm Aware Platform—MeiG Releases Smart Health Care Solution, Opening a New Health Management Experience

Release Date: 2024-02-29 Views: 764 Source: MeiG

On February 29th, at the MWC 2024 World Mobile Congress, MeiG Smart, a global leader in wireless communication modules and solutions, officially launched the new generation Cat.1 module SLM336Q. It is a cost-effective choice for medium and low-speed Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The company also unveiled its first intelligent healthcare solution MC303, incorporating the Qualcomm Aware™ platform. This solution aims to provide a smart solution for medication reminders and drug management, ushering in a new era of intelligent health management.


▌Versatile and cost-effective Cat.1 module.

SLM336Q is the new generation Cat.1 module introduced by MeiG Smart, featuring ultra-low power consumption, high cost-effectiveness, and a compact design. This module utilizes the Qualcomm® QCX216 platform, compliant with 3GPP Release 14 standards, offering superior performance with a maximum downlink speed of 10Mbps and a maximum uplink speed of 5Mbps. It delivers stable and reliable transmission rates.

The SLM336Q module is equipped with GNSS positioning functionality, facilitating precise location tracking. It also supports FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) remote upgrades, providing convenience for subsequent feature iterations on the terminal. With optimized power consumption design, it ensures that all functions operate at ultra-low power, extending battery life and offering a clear advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness.


The SLM336Q module adopts the industry-standard LGA packaging, with dimensions of just 19.9×23.6×2.4mm. It integrates multiple industrial-standard interfaces, supporting a variety of network protocols. The highly integrated module further reduces development complexity for end customers, facilitating the expansion of diverse peripherals. With its compact size advantage, it meets the application requirements of various intelligent scenarios, contributing to the lightweight development of IoT terminals. The SLM336Q module finds extensive applications in industrial meters, shared devices, security monitoring, financial POS, positioning terminals, public network intercoms, and other fields.

▍Smart pillbox solution, empowering personal health management.

All along, MeiG Smart has aspired to transform the technological strength accumulated in the era of ubiquitous smart connectivity into a force that enhances the quality of life. In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, MeiG Smart introduces its first intelligent healthcare solution, the MC303, featuring the Qualcomm Aware™ platform. The solution aims to address challenges such as patients forgetting to take medication or taking the wrong medication. It provides an intelligent approach to medication reminders and drug management, ushering in a new era of intelligent health management.

The intelligent healthcare solution MC303 is designed based on the Qualcomm® QCX216 platform. With the support of robust connectivity, positioning, and computational processing capabilities, the smart pillbox features intelligent functions such as medication reminders, smart management, and medication records. Patients can utilize it to enhance medication adherence.


The smart pillbox features a built-in reminder function, which notifies users to take medication at designated times through sound and light prompts. Users can customize their medication schedules and adjust reminder times based on their individual needs, enabling intelligent management. The smart pillbox is equipped with internet connectivity, automatically reporting information such as pillbox temperature, location, battery level, switch status, and opening time to the cloud service platform when the pillbox is opened. It automatically records details such as the time and dosage of each medication, and users can set the information reporting interval according to their preferences, facilitating convenient medication tracking. Users can also access medication records in the background at any time for easy monitoring and management.

This solution is also compatible with the Qualcomm Aware platform, supporting global cellular connectivity, terminal management, and configuration, while providing ubiquitous intelligent positioning in a low-power manner. Furthermore, the Qualcomm Aware platform offers a range of extended and enhanced features, delivering better services, higher security, and stronger performance for the managed terminals.

For many years, MeiG Smart has focused on the segmented requirements of vertical industries, grounding itself in application scenarios. Through independently developed wireless communication modules and customized IoT solutions, MeiG Smart has evolved from 'things exceeding humans' to 'things assisting humans' with warmth. MeiG Smart has consistently collaborated with global customers and partners to seamlessly integrate advanced technology with the real world, turning the beautiful vision of ubiquitous smart connectivity into reality.

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