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MWC 2024丨MeiG Releases New 5G-A Module and FWA Solution, Bringing 5.5G into Reality

Release Date: 2024-02-26 Views: 727 Source: MeiG

On February 26, MeiG officially announced the launch of the 5G-A module SRM817WE and a new 5G-A FWA solution at the MWC 2024, including the 5G-A CPE solution SRT858M and the 5G-A MiFi solution. Solution SRT878H and 5G-A ODU solution SRT853MX are designed to further improve network performance and bring 5.5G into reality.

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5G-A module SRM817WE is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon® X75 5G Modem-RF System.The solution and 10Gb Ethernet capabilities support Sub-6GHz band TDD/FDD 3CC and more carrier aggregation, with a maximum bandwidth of up to 300MHz, bringing excellent data rate performance.

In terms of antenna design, it can support up to 4 groups of millimeter wave antennas. Millimeter waves can support a maximum bandwidth of 800MHz, and the peak downstream rate can reach 10G. It supports features such as 8RX and PC 1.5 transmit power in the 5G core frequency band, effectively improving the 5G uplink and downlink transmission rates. In addition, SRM817WE module supports the OpenWRT operating system and OpenCPU, making the configuration more flexible, providing more expansion and innovation possibilities, and fully meeting the needs of FWA, eMBB and other applications.

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Based on SRM817 series modules, MeiG has launched a new 5G-A FWA solution, which supports more frequency bands and more connections, helping home and business users build high-speed networks to meet the needs of corporate office, video conferencing, naked-eye 3D, and VR High-speed business needs such as games and 8K HDR.

5G-A CPE solution SRT858M is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon®, the uplink rate can reach 0.9 Gbps. Supports the Easy mesh R4 function and supports dual-band concurrency. The device can communicate concurrently on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands at the same time, thereby providing higher throughput and more stable connection performance. At the same time, it is equipped with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet interface to greatly increase the speed and meet the needs of high-speed Internet access in multi-user and high-bandwidth scenarios. Supports RJ11 telephone interface, making the application scenarios more diversified.

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5G-A MiFi solution SRT878H converts 5G networks into portable Wi-Fi signals, providing fast and high-speed network access for home, office, personal travel and other application scenarios. SRT878H relies on the Snapdragon X72 platform and is the first to support the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard. It supports SA and NSA dual networking modes and is backward compatible with 4G networks, making it easy to use in complex scenarios.

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The dual-band wireless network can support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, and supports optional millimeter wave frequency bands. It uses a 2x2 MIMO antenna design to provide faster rates and better Wi-Fi signal coverage for multiple devices. The body is thin, compact and easy to carry, and the built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery provides a long-lasting battery life.

5G-A ODU solution SRT853MX is equipped with the Snapdragon X75 platform and supports millimeter wave, Sub-6GHz and 10Gb Ethernet capabilities, covering global operator networks. SRT853MX supports ten carrier aggregation for millimeter wave bands, as well as five downlink carrier aggregation in the Sub-6GHz band and FDD uplink MIMO, achieving greater network coverage and network capacity through excellent spectrum aggregation. For weak signal scenarios, this solution integrates two sets of high-power QTM567 antenna modules, with an ERIP of up to 45dBm. It supports complete frequency bands and can achieve full-house coverage without blind spots.

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Du Guobin, CEO of MeiG, said: "At MWC 2024, a stage that attracts global attention, MeiG's 5G-A module and 5G-A FWA solution were officially rolled out. This is a breakthrough for us in the field of 5G technology. Our technical solutions have reached new heights in network speed and stability, will bring customers a better connection experience, meet the growing demand for high-bandwidth, low-latency communications, and will also bring opportunities to the digital development of the industry. Come to a broader space for development.”

MeiG will also use its new 5G-A capabilities to promote industrial innovation and development, efficiently empower FWA typical applications, and achieve new experiences in the 5G-A era in future.

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