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MeiG Smart Launches Cost-effective 5G Smart Module SRM900L

Release Date: 2021-03-19 Views: 2049 Source: MeiG

MeiG Smart, as a developer focusing on 5G smart modules and a provider and leader of IoT solutions, has recently officially launched SRM900L, a cost-effective 5G smart module, to meet customers' demands for cost-effective 5G access, local AI computing support, standard API function interface, etc., to help customers quickly access 5G networks and realize quick mass production. 


MeiG Smart 5G smart module SRM900L is designed and developed on Qualcomm's latest SM4350 platform. It is completely pin-to-pin with MeiG 5G smart module SRM900(SM6350) (radio frequency scheme and module cost are further optimized), which makes it convenient for customers to configure their products at high and low levels and speed up the pace of customer import. The first batch of customers have already started trial production and import, and it is expected to realize mass production in Q2.

With the launch of the 5G smart module SRM900L, MeiG Smart is also the first manufacturer to realize the matching of low and medium solutions for 5G smart modules. At the same time, MeiG Smart R&D team has completed the design of SRM930 based on 8-core 2.7G high-level 5G platform, which will be officially launched in Q2. At that time, it will realize the full coverage of "low, medium and high" 5G smart modules, and provide customers with "super-big cup", "big cup" and "cost-effective" all-dimensional solutions for the IoT industry, thus propelling the popularization and application of smart modules in 5G network.


MeiG Smart 5G intelligent module SRM900L module is packaged in LGA, with a size of 47.0x48.0x3.0mm and the latest SM4350 CPU built-in, which is the first cost-effective 5G SoC chip introduced by Qualcomm. SRM900L module supports at least 2GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB UFS2.1 storage. the CPU uses Kryo 460 scheme based on 2*A76 2GHz large core +6*A55 1.8GHz small core, with performance improvements of more than 100% over the previous generation 400 series. Meanwhile, the GPU adopts Adreno 619, whose performance is also improved by more than 100% compared with Adreno 610.

MeiG Smart 5G Smart Module SRM900L Specification:

Intelligent Connection:

  • Sub-6& mmWave

  • DL 4x4& SA/NSA

  • TDD、FDD & DSS 

  • FastConnect 6200

  • 2x2 Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi6 

  • GPS L1+L5 


  • QC Spectra 345 camera ISP

  • Multiple cameras, up to 64MP

  • FHD+ displays 120Hz refresh

  • Echo cancellation and background noise suppression based on AI

  • 1080P60 codec 

AI computing power:

  • QC Hexagon built-in dual HVX 512(1 GHz)

  • SNPE performance increased 70% compared with Snapdragon 400

Software Integration:

  • Support Android 11 at present

  • Planned to Android U (14) long-term version


  • Multiple interfaces:UART/I2C/SPI/USB

  • Quick Charge 4+


MeiG Smart5G Smart Module SRM900L Use Cases and Solutions

MeiG Smart has always kept a leading position in the field of modules, especially smart modules. It is the first manufacturer to launch 5G Android intelligent modules. SLM900L will enter the mass production state in Q2, so as to provide customers with more smart modules and customized solutions.

In the future, we will continue to explore various needs of customers in key industries based on resources investment of new generation information technology, and focus on the in-depth customization business of smart modules under the core IoT application scenarios, so as to create value for more partners with its smart module products and the service concept covering the whole R&D chain, and to empower thousands of industries with smart module products, thus accelerating the arrival of the era of AI+IoT!

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